Gigapixel Brand Identity & GPXtag UI

Branding / Design / UI/UX
Gigapixel Logo GPX Tag Logo GPX Tag UI is the go-to resource for gigapixel imaging, including equipment and photography services. But despite having become a well-established brand, it had no visual identity to anchor its presence. I worked with the owner to craft a distinctive identity that would immediately differentiate it from both competitors and suppliers.

The next phase of the project was to create a logo for Gigapixel’s flagship product, GPXtag – a new online software platform that enables exploration of gigapixel images and sharing via social media.

Once the logos were in place, the final phase of the project was designing the application user interface itself.

This was a complex project, featuring different login states and dependant upon interactions with both Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to offering the first non-Flash gigapixel image-sharing application in the marketplace – allowing mobile and iOS device users to play, too – the application features include snapshot sharing and messaging functions.