Abeego Brand Identity

Branding / Design
Abeego Brand Identity Abeego Brand Identity Abeego Brand Identity Abeego Brand Identity

Abeego is a natural alternative to plastic wrap and plastic containers created by a small company in Victoria, BC. The owners wanted to take the product beyond the local market and needed a new visual identity and graphic standards to apply across all communications, packaging, etc.

The new logo was designed to convey craftsmanship and a sense of a ‘classic’, quality product. It references more historical household product packaging, like mason jars, evoking a time when we had a more personal connection with our food. Multiple colour options were developed to allow a variety of applications and keying to specific products.

Alternate versions were also created to be stamped directly on the products and use in various communications.

Finally, stationery and packaging was designed to carry the new identity out into the market. Unfortunately, despite the client being happy with the result and excited to begin rolling it out, internal changes at the company caused the new identity to be shelved indefinitely.