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BC Ferries Dessert Bar Launch

BC Ferries Dessert Bar Launch BC Ferries Dessert Bar Launch BC Ferries Dessert Bar Launch

BC Ferries needed to promote the newly-expanded dessert bar in its Pacific Buffet. The revamped offering included decadent items like cheesecake and more chocolate than you could shake a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket at: cakes, pastries, even Rogers Chocolates. The primary materials created were environmental displays; stand-up banners and posters.

Playful buffet cards were used to label the various items in the dessert bar. Printed on a special polyester film, the cards were both hygienic and easy-to-clean – an important consideration when they get knocked into the blueberry cheesecake topping by stampeding chocoholics.

Further promotion was accomplished with a series of on-screen ads and ads on the BC Ferries website. Part of the fun of this project was writing the headlines and copy; the not-so-fun part was dealing with the chocolate cravings brought on by working with images of dessert all day…

Matt Politano of Oculus Design + Marketing is exceptionally personable to work with. He is creative yet practical at the same time – a rare combination. He has produced several marketing brochures and carried out several ad campaigns for BC Ferries all the while keeping within time and budget. I am pleased with the work Matt has done for BC Ferries and look forward to working on many future projects together.

Katherine Lefebvre
BC Ferries