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The BC Museums Association’s annual conference brings together members from across the province to connect, take part in professional development opportunities and share knowledge and experiences with their peers.

The BCMA brought us in to unify their conference branding, which until that point, had been created on a largely ad hoc basis. We worked with BCMA leadership to craft a consistent look that acted as an extension of their existing brand identity, yet still provided a unique sense of identity for that year’s conference. Everything from registration materials, signage, displays, and PowerPoint templates was polished and aligned for maximum impact and efficiency.

In addition, the BCMA was launching a new professional development resource library on their website and we collaborated with Tim Willis Consulting to design an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for the library that integrated seamlessly into their existing website and CMS.

The whole experience of working with you was great. Apart from the quality of your design work (which is excellent), it's such a treat to work with someone who communicates clearly and promptly. I always knew where we were, what the challenges were. You made my job as Project Manager very easy.

Tim Willis
Tim Willis Consulting