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At first glance, Cupid’s Undie Run may look like a slightly NSFW stunt. But the event, which now takes place in 28 cities and continues to grow, raised over $3 Million this year for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. And we’re proud to be a part of their success.

The cupid’s site looks like a pretty straightforward responsive website on the surface, but underneath it all beats the heart of a custom-developed CMS (based on WordPress) with extensive tie-ins to multiple third-party APIs and services. All this carefully crafted under-the-hood functionality has resulted in significant increases in efficiency, allowing the core Cupid’s team to offload much of the content creation and day-to-day administration to volunteers in each participating city – without giving up control completely. It has also allowed the public to engage with Cupid’s in new and meaningful ways, giving them the tools to upload photos and stories of the Heroes in their lives.

In addition to designing and developing the main Cupid’s Undie Run website, we were also involved in designing the Donor profile pages and dashboards that are fundamental to the race’s fundraising success.

Our goal with partnering with Oculus was to improve upon established design elements while also maintaining or improving function. This was absolutely achieved…. Our users have reported on numerous occasions how “easy” and “useful” the site is… We’ve empowered more staff and volunteers to do more... In short we have been able to do more with less… Matt and the Oculus team are quality individuals dedicated to reaching a fair plan, fair pricing, and excellent execution.

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Cupid's Undie Run