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MBS Video Productions offered a unique approach to videography, crafting beautiful documentaries for their clients. In order to position the brand as a unique and premium service in a crowded marketplace, Oculus worked with the owner to create branding that would set MBS apart.

The central theme of the new brand identity was ‘Every life tells a story’. The idea that life events are part of your life story, moments that will never come again and should be celebrated with high production values and good storytelling rather than simply recorded and burned to a DVD.

The ‘bubble’ icon component of the identity was designed to be used in conjunction with strong imagery to show MBS wherever important moments were captured.

The marketing materials touch on all of a life’s major milestones and use minimal text to encourage readers to preserve those moments and tell an ongoing story. Client testimonials anchor each section of the company’s view book and help tell MBS’ own story.

Choosing Oculus has been one of the best and most beneficial decisions I have made as a business owner. Matt has helped create MBS Video Productions a brand that stands out from our competition. Our logo is creative, simple and gets the point of what we do across to our prospects and clients. His design & expertise has taken us from the “hobbyist” look to the high-end videography company we want to be seen as. The knowledge he brings to the table about paper stock, printing and general design is amazing. Not only does Matt create fantastic branding and recognition… he actually shows you how to use it effectively!! Oculus Design + Marketing has taken my business to the next level. Thank you.

Michael Barton
MBS Video Productions