MFRC Redefining Family Campaign

Branding / Design / Display
MFRC Redefining Family Campaign MFRC Redefining Family Campaign Mural MFRC Redefining Family Campaign MFRC Redefining Family Campaign MFRC Redefining Family Campaign MFRC Redefining Family Campaign

The Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to assisting military members and their friends & families as they adapt to the unique challenges of the military lifestyle. As part of a larger rebranding effort, we identified a number of ‘myths’ that needed addressing to help the organization build trust and expand its reach within the community it serves.

The first myth we targeted was the misconception that ‘family’ in the MFRC’s name referred only to families made up of two parents and children. Rather than avoid the word family altogether, we instead created a campaign that redefines family to be more inclusive of the many shapes a family can take – from single military members to same-sex couples, etc.

The campaign extended across the entire naval base where the MFRC operates, in newspapers, briefings, posters and large-scale murals in satellite locations.

Rebranding the Esquimalt MFRC was a complex assignment and one that I feared that a designer might not ‘get’. Matt came aboard, absorbed a lot of information and asked really good questions. His attention to detail was very high. An absolutely great listener! The process he took us through had a profound impact on us. It was such a valuable journey.  A great way to re-focus us on why we exist. It has also been a great experience for our staff here at the MFRC. Given us a springboard to connect as an organization. Oh, and the end product pretty much nailed it on the head for us. Looking forward to working with Matt again.

Jon Chabun
Esquimalt MFRC