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Wayne & Pam’s Performance Bicycles is one of Victoria’s longest-established bike shops, catering to cyclists of all ages & abilities. Started in 1985, the shop has never had a consistent brand identity, so we started from scratch & crafted a complete identity to cover everything from signage to clothing.

The discovery process revealed that one of the original names considered was ‘Peregrine Cycles’ – the falcon evoking speed, grace & beauty – and, coupled with a focus on heritage, was the perfect symbol to build the identity around.

Supporting Elements

We focused on three core values: Passion, Pride & Performance. These values provide the basis for all brand messaging and the colours are carried throughout the entire shop.

The stripes are a nod to the rainbow stripes worn by current and former world champions and help reinforce the idea of ‘performance for everyone’.

Teaser Campaign

After 27 years, the store was about to undergo a complete renovation and reveal a new identity. An in-store and online teaser campaign was launched a few months ahead of time and functioned as a great conversation-starter with customers.

Exterior Signage

Strong contrast & dimensional elements make a bold statement and attract attention. Located at a busy intersection, eye-catching signage is critical to getting customers through the door.

Inside, inexpensive, reusable laminated signage featuring playful copywriting adds in-store impact and allows staff to customize content without diluting the overall identity.


The new identity was also applied to a line of locally made merino wool jerseys and casual clothing – originally purchased for staff but quickly adopted by customers as well.

Falcon illustration by longtime collaborator Ian Finlayson.

Oculus Design + Marketing did an amazing job digging deep to find who we really are and finding excellent ways of portraying that to our customers. Oculus was always there to answer any questions and went well beyond what might be considered the letter of our contract to be sure we were satisfied. Oculus Design brought an excitement to the project that went beyond a mere job. The results are amazing, bringing continuing positive response from our customers and have produced a renewed sense of pride for ownership and staff.

Wayne Clayton
Wayne & Pam's Performance Bicycles