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Every time a customer interacts with one of your touch points – sees your logo, visits your website, picks up your business card, looks at your billboard, reads your email newsletter – they have an experience with your brand. Consistent and positive experiences increase trust in your brand, while negative experiences erode that trust. And trust is the basis for every interaction and every transaction.

Now, thanks to modern technology, someone’s positive or negative experience – their evaluation of your trustworthiness – is broadcast far and wide at the speed of a Tweet. This means that, rather than looking at your various touch points in isolation, it’s critical to look at them as a system – a system that builds trust in your brand and lasting relationships with your customers.

Every business has unique needs and problems to solve but, before we create anything, we determine what is really needed – because we’re not interested in just plugging holes; we’re invested in creating valued relationships and helping our clients build strong brands and thriving businesses.

Brand Clarity Session in Progress

Your brand is your promise to your customer. It sets expectations about your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competition. Branding goes way deeper than just your logo, addressing everything from the tone of voice used in your communications to the consistent application of colour across all of your touch points.

Effective branding  gives you a significant edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether you’re large or small, for-profit or non-profit, branding is not an option; it’s a necessity.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established organization that’s struggling to connect with your audience, we can help you achieve Brand Clarity, and help you stand out from the crowd with an effective brand identity. We offer:

  • Brand Clarity workshops
  • Brand identity and logo design
  • Naming
  • Brand Audits


Steve Jobs said it best: “Design isn’t how it looks; design is how it works.”

Well-designed touch points that work together as a system create a positive brand experience for your prospects and customers. How they perceive your brand, your business, is critical to your success.

We aren’t satisfied with mere decoration; we’ll work with you to craft strategically sound, well-conceived and well-designed brand applications and marketing/communications collateral that connects with your customers:

  • Graphic & communication design
  • Responsive web design & development
  • Environmental, display and wayfinding design
  • Software & application UI/UX design


Your website is the hub of all your branding, marketing and communication activities. Social media, direct mail, mobile apps, print – they all tie back to your website. It’s where most of your prospects go to check you out, and it’s where your customers go when they want to get in touch. And with mobile device usage blasting past the 50% mark, you can’t afford to have a site that doesn’t work well on a phone, tablet, or whatever the next hot device is.

We design and build responsive websites that work across all of your customers’ devices. Websites that create outstanding brand experiences, capture your business process and connect with your audience. We design and build sites with these features:

  • Responsive layouts (adapt to different screen sizes)
  • Easy to update and manage
  • Integrate with social media
  • E-commerce


Arts & Culture


Government/Public Sector

Health & Fitness





Transportation & Tourism

  • BC Ferries
  • Quester Tangent
  • Nootka Marine Adventures


Choosing Oculus has been one of the best and most beneficial decisions I have made as a business owner. Matt has helped create MBS Video Productions a brand that stands out from our competition.

Michael Barton
MBS Video Productions

Matt is not only talented but also very reliable and passionate about his role as a designer. His fun and pleasant nature is great in a team dynamic when collaborating on projects. He is approachable and also very detail-oriented which is a rare quality in the creative field. Matt always completes his projects on time and on budget. I would happily recommend Matt as a communications professional.

Kirsty Armstrong
Royal Roads University

The process Matt took us through to help clarify our business and brand direction was very constructive and beneficial. His ability to facilitate the process effectively is excellent, making the experience fun, informative, and ultimately very useful to us and our business.

Quinton Gordon
LÙZ Studios

Matt is a great listener and communicator – focused on the client’s needs, how best to achieve results, and keeping the client well informed. Matt’s creativity expands beyond design into all elements of production.

Heather Goodman
Sunworks Consulting

Working with you, Matt, is always a real pleasure and a learning experience. You always help me to think more creatively and examine the processes of our project, helping us to dig deeper into the questions and answers. I love working with you and always recommend you.

Desirée Sher

Not a day passes that does not bring continuing positive feedback from our customers. There has been a noticeable heightening in excitement from all staff regarding our new identity; a new pride in the new us.

Wayne Clayton
Wayne & Pam's Performance Bicycles

We were extremely happy with the branding and discovery session led by Matt. Through the session, we were able to really discover the essence of our brand. This was not only useful in terms of branding - but also in terms of a team exercise that helped all our employees bond more closely around what it means to be a part of Piko.

Jude Brown
Piko Marketing

Matt was able to meet our needs exactly because he understands our industry and this made a big difference. The investment made on the B2B was well worth it. Our sales have increased since launching this new online ordering system as our clients can now see not only our current inventory but products they never realized we stocked.

Benoit Jansen-Reynaud
Part One International Imports

I hired Matt’s firm (Oculus) to design and develop a web site for FORUM Consulting Group Ltd, largely because I was impressed by his own site. Matt did a terrific job, on time and on budget and he developed exactly the look and feel I was looking for.

Chris Jones MBA FCMC
FORUM Consulting

The process of gaining brand clarity was excellent and gave us the opportunity to talk about our work in a new way and to build a brand essence that spoke to the core of who we are, what we do and how we do it! The tangible deliverables from the work that Matt guided us through have been well received by our community and stakeholders. Additionally, it has been interesting to see how the Brand Brief has sparked within our organization and positively impacted our program planning, marketing and communications. This was a terrific experience for us and we continue to grow as we endeavour to really be authentic and true to our Brand.

Jackie Carlé
Esquimalt MFRC

I came to Matt based on a recommendation from someone I trusted, and someone who had nothing but good to say about Matt. From the start, Matt didn’t disappoint. He took my brief, augmented it with is own design sense, and set to work. At every step he kept me in the loop, ensuring I knew exactly what was going on and why. As we moved into the home stretch, and things were coming together exactly as I’d envisioned, I started scratching my head - was nothing going to go wrong? Well, nothing went wrong. But there were a number of pleasant surprises - including Matt actually photographing me for the site when there was no expectation of that.

Marc Stoiber
Your Ultimate Speech, Marc Stoiber Enterprises

The whole experience of working with you was great. Apart from the quality of your design work (which is excellent), it's such a treat to work with someone who communicates clearly and promptly. I always knew where we were, what the challenges were. You made my job as Project Manager very easy.

Tim Willis
Tim Willis Consulting

Matt helped me clarify my target audience and business goals and produced a highly effective new website that has tripled traffic and produced new customers. The visual design perfectly reflects my brand and it's easy for prospects to find important information.

Michael Flynn
Prime Source Lease Group

The process you took us through had a profound impact on us. It was such a valuable journey. A great way to re-focus us on why we exist. It has also been a great experience for our staff here at the MFRC.

Jon Chabun
Esquimalt MFRC

Matt and the Oculus team are quality individuals dedicated to reaching a fair plan, fair pricing, and excellent execution.

Chad Leathers
Cupid's Undie Run

Right from the start, we were extremely impressed with Oculus. Matt helped us design an internal communication tool for our management team. Throughout the project, Matt communicated clearly and met all our timeline and budget expectations, responding to our feedback and suggesting appropriate changes. He understood our business needs perfectly and the end product shows it. We're delighted with the work Oculus did for us and wouldn't hesitate to work with Matt again.

Martha Chick
BC Ferries

Matt Politano of Oculus Design + Marketing is exceptionally personable to work with. He is creative yet practical at the same time – a rare combination. He has produced several marketing brochures and carried out several ad campaigns for BC Ferries all the while keeping within time and budget. I am pleased with the work Matt has done for BC Ferries and look forward to working on many future projects together.

Katherine Lefebvre
BC Ferries

We were happy to find a resource like Matt and his team at Oculus, who were able to work with us closely and guide us through a very creative and thoughtful process to help get what we needed. No matter the size of the job, or the urgency, Matt worked with all our staff closely to deliver our graphic design needs. We not only received excellent graphic design, but added strategic considerations to branding, communications and marketing; it is this ability to think and act holistically that makes Matt an important part of our team. He also has an excellent sense of humour, which makes working with him that much more enjoyable!

Peter Ord
Robert Bateman Centre

Matt is a consummate professional in whatever role he plays. As President and CEO I was constantly impressed by Matt’s work as our Creative Director and Marketing Team Lead. His ability to look at life from different perspectives is unparalleled in my experience, and contributed to all sorts of interesting, humorous and effective marketing events and collateral. I would unequivocally recommend Matt for any creative endeavor. He is a great guy to have on a team, and ensures that delivery time lines are met with quality deliverables. He made a real difference to Municipal Software, and I enjoyed my time with him immensely.

Rob Bennett
Municipal Software Corporation