Oculus is a creative studio that builds extraordinary things for our clients. We specialize in brand identity and experience.

We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design, art direction and final production of a project. We create clear, beautiful, impactful work that achieves our clients' goals and resonates with their audiences.

The studio is located on Vancouver Island, but we work with clients all over the world. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss an idea or a project.

We believe in making things better by design. Better Brands = Better Business.

We love to work with interesting people, laugh, eat good food, drink good wine, and ride bikes.

We don't have time for egos or assholes.

Portrait of Matt Politano

Who you'll work with:

Matt Politano

Matt has over 22 years of professional practice in the field of branding, design and marketing – as designer, art director, creative director and marketing team lead. He worked both agency-side and client-side for several public organizations and private companies before founding Oculus in 2007.

We operate on a virtual agency model: pulling together only the team members needed for the job. That means no extra account managers – no one between you and the people doing the work. We get a better understanding of your business needs that way, and that means better results. We dig deep and make it matter.

We’re small and we’re choosy about our clients. We want to work with businesses and organizations we believe in and can really bring value to. Small is beautiful. It can also change the world.



Matt Politano

Owner, CDP™ DesCan Certified Design Professional
& Certified Brand Specialist

Phone: +1 250 812 2431
Email: [email protected]
Victoria, BC

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