Forging the Future

Rebranding the stewards of BC's Museums sector.

Client: BC Museums Association // Branding, Graphic Design


The BC Museums Association (BCMA) is an organization dedicated to elevating professional standards and connecting members of the museum/gallery/archive sector across the entire province. As with many non-profits, they lacked a cohesive sense of self, which was holding them back from communicating and connecting effectively with their members and potential members. The BCMA turned to us to help them achieve Brand Clarity and move forward.


The first step was a comprehensive Brand Clarity workshop, which focused staff and leadership and achieved consensus and commitment on the brand’s essence, values and personality. This focus then fed into a redesign of the brand’s visual identity. Specifically designed to fit into the existing brand elements while still signalling a new approach, a new focus, it’s a vibrant and energetic mark that encapsulates the brand essence and reinforces its core commitments.

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