Putting on a show

Rebranding one of America's premier event production specialists.

Client: Showmode // Branding, Graphic Design

Showmode Business Cards

With a history in the industry that started in 1983, we wanted to keep some of the exceptional equity and trust they had already built in their brand and modernize it while maintaining echoes of the previous identity for consistency. We started by digging deep into the brand’s history, the relationships they’d built with their customers, and then looked at its future positioning.

Showmode Decals

We crafted a new, contemporary wordmark that kept some of the old mark’s roots but brought new life and vigour to the brand. Several variations, based on colour and movement, were developed to keep their look fresh, and multiple branded materials make sure their visuals are consistent across all their touchpoints – from business cards, to decals on equipment cases, to T-shirts for on-site crew.

Showmode Notecard

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